Best Free Video Editing Software Solutions You Must Know in 2022

You don’t have to be an expert video editor to bring your ideas to life in 2022. But surprisingly 90% of marketers and business owners still feel like video editing is a super complex arena. They either outsource this and spend 4X the cost or drop the idea of creating videos altogether and lose out on a valuable marketing tool in the bargain.
But what if there’s a way out wherein you can actually create videos online in minutes even if you’ve never edited a video before? That’s exactly what we’ll cover in this article, where we put together Best online video editors that you can get started with.

1. InVideo

Are you looking to create a business presentation or maybe a music video? InVideo is a super-intuitive video creation platform that will enable you to create professional quality videos in minutes, even if you’ve never edited a video before.

InVideo comes pre-built with everything you need to create amazing, professional videos, from templates to stock footage to a super user-friendly editor.

There are many other video editors that claim to have fully-customisable templates, but the special part about InVideo is the sheer number of assets it has. A user can go ahead and change the structure of the entire template, if that’s what they want to. You have the freedom to pick up an ice cream template in InVideo, and transform it into a shoe ad. Here’s a quick GIF to give you a look at the transformation:

Watch the video below if you want to see a step-by-step breakdown of how it was done:

With InVideo, you can also mix and match scenes from different templates all within the same project. No need to restrict yourself to a single style! Check this out in action below, where we mixed a corporate testimonial scene with another for a food-related service.

Ideal for? InVideo works equally well for professional and personal use and it is a great video editor for Windows as well as Mac users since it’s cloud based/ Whether you’re a social media marketer, a business owner, or a YouTube creator —InVideo caters to your needs with over 5,000 templates and over 8 million stock videos and photos that cover almost every use-case and industry.
You can sign up for your free account here.

InVideo features

– 5,000+ fully-customizable ready-to-edit templates – An unmatched library of stock assets consisting of images, videos, and music clips – Share videos directly to your social media channels after production – Allows one-click repurposing of collateral like articles into videos – Streamlined video creation with branding presets that ensure branding consistency across videos – 24*7 instant chat support ensures frictionless workflow – Cloud storage of up to 100GB on the paid version – Paid membership gives you full access to the Filmr – Video Editor and Video Maker mobile app.
  1. – Ease of use. – 5000+ completely customisable video templates.
  2. – Free in-built stock media library with 8M+ royalty-free images and video clips.
  3. – Good for beginner and seasoned users alike.
  4. – Includes many features like automated voice-overs, HD resolution, speed adjustment, video stabilization and more.
  5. – Automated text-to-speech. – Unlimited team members and team sharing.
  6. – Brand presets such as color palettes, logos, and fonts are available.
  7. – 24×7 priority support.
  8. – Up to 100GB cloud storage.
  1. – Video duration capped at 15 minutes.


Free Plan: Set yourself up on InVideo with a free account to explore the features and edit videos with the InVideo watermark until you’ve determined if it’s a good fit for your gameplay editing toolkit.
Business: $15/month: The business plan includes everything offered for free plus the option to remove the InVideo watermark, 60 video exports per month, 10GB cloud storage, 10 iStock media per month, 1M+ premium media, and access to Filmr Pro.

Unlimited: $30/month: The unlimited plan includes all features of the free plan plus unlimited video exports, 100GB cloud storage, 120 iStock media per month, 1M+ premium media, and access to Filmr Pro.

To get an overview of all plans and their features, head over to the InVideo pricing page.