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Find the best streaming service for you with its new TV shows, binge-worthy series, and original movies.

So you want an on-demand streaming service. You want to find one that has on-demand TV series and movies that will keep you entertained for hours. We hear ya.

We know it isn’t that simple, so we’ve put together our top five best streaming services list along with reasons why they might be great or not so great for you and your family.

What’s important to you? Lots of content, newer content, more benefits, family-friendly content, or original content? Let’s find out.

The best on-demand streaming services

Editor's Choice

Price: $8.99–$15.99/mo. Simultaneous streams: 3 Video: 1080p, 4K


Most Kids TV Channels

Price: $5.99–$11.99/mo. Simultaneous streams: 3 Video: 1080p, 4K


Most Kid-Friendly

Price: $6.99–$24.99/mo. Simultaneous streams: 3 Video: 1080p, 4K


Most Budget-Friendly

Price: $7.99-$14.99/mo. Simultaneous streams: 5 Video: 1080p


Perks for Everyone

Price: $12.99-$24.99/mo. Simultaneous streams: 4 Video: 1080p, 4K


Quick comparison—best on-demand streaming services

Streaming service Monthly price*  
Netflix $8.99–$15.99BOOK NOW
Hulu $5.99–$11.99BOOK NOW
Amazon Prime Video $12.99-$24.99BOOK NOW
Disney+ $6.99–$24.99BOOK NOW
HBO Max $7.99-$14.99BOOK NOW

Netflix: Editor’s Choice

Netflix’s originals changed the game for on-demand streaming services. That plus its user-friendly interface make it our Editor’s Choice.
How much does Netflix cost?
What we like
Original content you’ll get hooked on

The one-of-a-kind content you get with Netflix includes hilarious comedy specials and TV series and movies with famous actors. So you’re guaranteed an enjoyable watching experience when you need to pass the time.

Need a laugh? Watch a comedy special by Dave Chappelle or Kevin Hart.

Need to escape from reality? Get sucked into the movie Bird Box with Sandra Bullock or the series Ozark with Jason Bateman.

Other originals include the following:

The interface we all love

You know we all love the organization of Netflix’s homepage with its vertical rows of suggestions. Netflix sifts through its content for us by putting them in categories of Popular, Trending, New Releases, Top 10 in the US Today, and more.

Netflix interface
It even categorizes by genres. So jump straight to documentaries to watch Dirty Money or action movies to watch Bad Boys ll.

An awesome feature Netflix has is strong parental controls. We named it the best streaming service for kids because you can create a kids profile and a PIN. So just tap on your Kids profile on your streaming device, and you won’t have to worry about your little ones accessing mature content.

What we don’t like
Three plans
Netflix plans are one of the priciest in the industry. But you get what you pay for, right? What are Netflix’s subscription plans?
So if you want to share Netflix with the family or your roommates, the Premium Plan is the way to go.
Netflix summary

Hulu: Best for newer content

You’ll likely find your favorite network show on Hulu.
How much does Hulu cost?
What we like
Get new episodes the following day

If you’re all caught up with This Is Us and want the new episodes the day after they air, you need Hulu if you want to avoid spoilers on social media.

Hulu is also great for those who want to stop paying for the cable bill because you’ll get access to the following shows after they air on television: 

Ads or no ads

Similar to Netflix, Hulu has different plans. And Hulu’s lowest plan makes Hulu one of the cheapest in the industry.

The two Hulu subscription plans include:

You just have to decide if it’s worth the extra $6 for uninterrupted streaming (we know we don’t like commercials). But the Basic Plan has a price anyone can fit into their budget.

What we don’t like
Missing classic TV shows and movies

The caveat of Hulu providing newer network content is the lack of older classic content.

To compare, Netflix has about 6,000 movies and TV shows while Hulu has over 4,000. So you can imagine all of the great older content that Netflix has such as Cheers, The Andy Griffith Show, and That ’70s Show.

But not every streaming service has everything. So why not get Netflix and Hulu to cover all of your bases?

Hulu summary

Amazon Prime Video: Best benefits for the family

You get three perks with Amazon Video.
How much does Amazon Prime Video cost?
What we like
On-demand content is just one perk you get with Prime Video.

We’re pretty sure you like getting the most out of your money, especially if it benefits you and your family.

With Prime Video, you get three perks:

Prime Video has popular movies such as I Am Legend, Creed ll, A Quiet Place, and Instant Family, just to name a few. Your little ones will also enjoy the kids section with TV shows Kung Fu Panda, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Spongebob Square Pants.

Not only do you get lots of on-demand content, but you can also rent and buy movies on Prime Video.

If you haven’t watched newly released movies The Invisible Man, Hobbs & Shaw, or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, you’ve just found yourself the service you need.

And last but not least, you get super quick shipping with Prime. Does your daughter need a new toothbrush? Order it in a swipe. Do you need desk organizers? Get it on your doorstep within a few days.

Prime Video is a unique service where you get on-demand content, the choice to rent or buy new movies, and quick next-day Prime shipping.

What we don’t like
New, old, popular, and unpopular content

There isn’t a theme with Amazon Prime Video in terms of what type of content you will get on there, but hey, we can’t complain.

You’ll find new movies like Rambo: Last Blood, old movies like Scooby-Doo: The Movie, popular TV series like Schitt’s Creek, and somewhat unpopular content like Tyler Perry’s Madea movies.

Either way, you’ll still have lots of content to entertain you and your family. Luckily everything is categorized like Netflix and Hulu for you to find something to watch in a jiff.

Amazon Prime Video summary

Disney+: Best for Disney fans

Get magical Disney content at your fingertips
How much does Disney+ cost?
What we like
Disney is what makes this world go round

Calling all Disney fans! (Which should be everybody.)

Disney+ has answered our prayers by gifting us all with Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic content.

Disney+ includes the following titles:

Having a bad day? Turn on Disney+. Need a break from work? Pull out your phone and tap that Disney+ app. Kids need a distraction while you soak in a bath? Disney+ at your service.

Disney at home for $7

Maybe you miss Disneyland, or perhaps you miss California Adventures.

But for less than one takeout meal, you get Disney in your living room. That’s not a bad deal if we do say so ourselves.

Make sure to enjoy Up while making some homemade Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets.

What we (kinda) don’t like
Not a diverse streaming service

Everyone loves Disney, right? But the only reason Disney+ isn’t ranked higher on our list is that Disney+ doesn’t have a variety of TV show and movie genres.

With Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, each member of the family can find something they want to watch, whether they’re kids, teens, dad, or mom.

Disney+ summary

HBO Max: Best for excellent productions

HBO Max is basically HBO NOW and more
How much does HBO Max cost?
What we like
HBO is known for its Emmy-winning series

HBO has been great at producing Emmy-winning content. HBO Max is free of fluff, and you’ll only find quality content.

HBO Max’s binge-worthy series originals and classics include the following:

If you want to learn more about HBO Max and the new original content that will come with it, check out our full review.
What we don’t like
Not as much content as the other services in the industry
As mentioned above, HBO NOW is free of fluff. With that, there are fewer titles available on this streaming service in comparison to the others. HBO has more than 2,000 titles, while Netflix (with almost the same monthly price) has about 6,000. But it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the money for those 2,000 great titles. We just know we don’t like the feeling of missing out on a series everyone is talking about.
HBO Max summary

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