Home WiFi Network Setup

  • When set up properly, your home Wi-Fi system will allow you to quickly and securely access the Internet anywhere in your home from multiple devices. When you have your own Wi-Fi at home, you no longer struggle with slow downloading of software and streaming services. There are no messy cables or dropped connections. You can also add your smart appliances and security system to the network for greater use and control.

Call today and one of our highly trained technicians can be dispatched to your home, installing and setting up a secure Wi-Fi network that runs at optimum speed and capacity.


What's Included

Home WiFi Network Setup
Wireless modem, router or mesh WiFi system installation. Installation requires internet service to already be setup with an ISP. Please have your WiFi login and password ready. Please note: additional cable runs may incur additional charges.

Connect to existing WiFi Network and perform first-time setup. Connect up to 10 smart devices to your WiFi.

Expert Advice
Teach you how to use the mobile app features.


Blink and it's done.

Want to stream faster content and eliminate dead zones? Let Streaming Services TV upgrade your home with intelligent WiFi. Let our professionally trained technicians install it for you now, so you can enjoy the best in WiFi technology today.


It’s only smart if it works.

We’ll personalize everything for you, setting up your WiFi and connecting up to 10 smart devices to your new network.


Streaming Services TV will gladly install all wireless router WiFi networks. Streaming Services TV will also connect up to 10 of your smart devices to your new WiFi network.

Your Streaming Services TV Home WiFi Installation will take approximately 1 hour, however this duration might be shorter or longer depending on the work required to complete the installation and the number of devices.
Absolutely! As part of our service guarantee, your Streaming Services TV technician will connect up to 10 smart devices, and show you how to use your Home WiFi device(s) and any associated apps.

$99.99 for a single home WiFi network setup of up to 3 modems/routers/mesh WiFi/extenders $34.99 for each additional home WiFi network setup in increments of 3 modems/routers/mesh WiFi/extenders or as an incremental installation to an order.

If your smart device requires additional non-standard add-ons (e.g. thermostat common wire, required doorbell transformer, deadbolt replacement,) the technician will assess the work and quote the additional cost.