Hulu + Live TV vs. YouTube TV Review 2021

-Both live TV streaming services now have the same pricing after Hulu Live raised its prices in December 2020. But YouTube TV has 20 more channels.

YouTube TV has the full package with 85 channels, including major sports channels, and an unlimited DVR storage space. So you’re probably wondering, what gave Hulu Live the audacity to up their monthly price?

Let’s get into the details to determine who’s the winner of this live TV streaming debate, shall we?

Best On-Demand Content

Lifetime and HISTORY channels
Huge on-demand content library


Best Value

MLB Network and NBA TV
Unlimited DVR storage space

How do Hulu Live and YouTube TV compare in price?

The pricing for both services is $65 per month, but there are a few catches

Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV now have the same pricing, but which one gives you more bang for your buck?

YouTube TV gives you 20 more channels and an unlimited DVR storage space, which leaves us racking our brains as to why Hulu Live increased its pricing. Let’s just say Hulu Live pulled a “new year, same me” move.

If you want to watch Hulu’s on-demand library without any interruptions, you’re going to have to get that $71 per month plan (or else you may see two ads in a TV show and six in a movie).

Besides the on-demand library, Hulu Live allows you to bundle with ESPN+ and Disney+ for about $6 more on top of whichever plan you choose. Honestly, it’s the perfect entertainment bundle for the family.

How much does Hulu Live cost?

PlanPriceTV channel count  
Fubo Tv$64.99* 65+ BOOK NOW“>
Hulu No Ads + Live TV $70.99* 65+ BOOK NOW

YouTube TV is our favorite live TV streaming service and the best valued live TV streaming service in the industry.

They make it simple with just one plan.

How much does YouTube TV cost?

ProviderMonthly price* Available channels  
YouTube TV $64.99† 85+ BOOK NOW
Does Hulu Live or YouTube TV have hidden fees?

YouTube TV doesn’t have any fees, but Hulu Live sure does.

If you want 200 hours of DVR cloud storage and you would like to have an unlimited number of simultaneous streams for you and your family, then you’ll need to add $15 more to your bill.

Because if you’re like us, you’re going to agree with this statement: 50 hours of DVR storage and two simultaneous streams are just not enough.

How much are Hulu Live’s and YouTube TV’s fees?

FeeHulu Live YouTube TV
Enhanced DVR (200 hrs.) $9.99/mo. N/A
Unlimited screens $9.99/mo. N/A
Enhanced DVR + Unlimited screen $14.99/mo. N/A

Which channels do Hulu Live and YouTube TV have?

YouTube TV has ViacomCBS channels while Hulu Live has Lifetime and HISTORY

YouTube TV has 20 more channels than Hulu Live, 14 of which have been added recently.

The biggest differences between the channel lineups (besides the sports, which is further down):

Hulu + Live TV has Lifetime for the based-on-true-story fans.
Hulu + Live TV has the HISTORY channel for the Forged in Fire fans.
YouTube TV has PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, and Nick Jr. for the kiddos.
YouTube TV has Paramount Network, PBS, BET, Comedy Central, and BBC America for the adults.
Neither Hulu Live nor YouTube TV have the Hallmark Channel (grabs face like Kevin from Home Alone).
If you want to know the full channel lineup that each service has, check out our Hulu + Live TV Review and YouTube TV Review. You’ll also find more information on Hulu Live’s great on-demand content.

Which local channels do Hulu Live and YouTube TV have?

The local channels Hulu Live and YouTube TV offer you will be based on the area you live in. We listed out all local channels both live TV streaming services have, but just know it could be different when you type in your ZIP code.

Check out Hulu + Live TV’s channel lineup and YouTube TV’s, so you don’t get any surprises.

Both Hulu Live’s and YouTube TV’s local channels include the following:


Which premium channels do Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV have?

YouTube TV has all of the live TV streaming services, but Hulu Live is missing EPIX.

The premium channel pricing for both services are pretty much the same, but if you love Britannia or Godfather of Harlem, you’ll want to get YouTube TV.

How much are Hulu Live’s and YouTube TV’s premium channels?
Channel Hulu Live price YouTube TV price
HBO® $14.99/mo. $14.99/mo.
SHOWTIME® $10.99/mo. $11.00/mo.
CINEMAX® $9.99/mo. $9.99/mo.
STARZ® $8.99/mo. $9.00/mo.
EPIX® Not available $6.00/mo.
Which sports channels do Hulu Live and YouTube TV have?

YouTube TV has 20 sports channels while Hulu Live has 14, which is why YouTube TV is the second best live TV streaming service for sports.

YouTube TV is the only live TV streaming service that includes MLB Network and NBA TV for only $65 per month. fuboTV has both, but you’ll have to pay $80 per month.

Hulu Live will give you ESPN College Extra (although Hulu Live used to have ESPN Bases Loaded and EPSN Goal Line).

Hulu + Live TV has the following sports channels:

YouTube TV has the following sports channels:

Does Hulu Live or YouTube TV have a better DVR?

YouTube TV has the best DVR in the industry. There is no other service that offers unlimited storage space and saves your recordings for nine months.

Hulu Live only gives you 50 hours of cloud DVR storage. We’re not sure if that’s the worst news or if this next part is: you have to pay an extra $10 per month for 200 hours of DVR storage.

That makes your bill $75–$81 per month, which is more than YouTube TV! And with YouTube TV, not only do you have the greatest DVR, but you get those extra 20 channels and most of the major sports channels (in case we didn’t mention that already). 

Does Hulu Live or YouTube TV have a better interface?

Both Hulu Live and YouTube TV have a great, easy to use interface, but we’d like to highlight the most important live TV interface feature: the guide. And in this case, Hulu Live wins.

Hulu Live’s guide has convenient tabs at the top to quickly find what you want to watch while on your lunch break. Choose Recent, Sports, News, Movies, Kids, or All if you want to channel surf.
As for YouTube TV, you don’t get those easy-click buttons to get you what you want in seconds.

YouTube TV might not have the categories to get you to the channel you’re looking for, but we do like the little video box of what is currently airing to give you a quick visual. 

Which devices can you watch Hulu Live and YouTube TV on?

Hulu Live and YouTube TV are compatible with pretty much every device.

But only two can stream Hulu Live at once unless you pay an additional $9.99 per month for an unlimited number of simultaneous streams. Three can stream on YouTube TV, which is perfect when you don’t want to watch your spouse’s HGTV show or your son’s Disney Channel movie.

You can stream Hulu Live on the train with one of these streaming devices:
iPhones and iPads
Android smartphones and tables
Apple TV (fourth generation and up)
Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon Fire tablets
Xbox One and Xbox 360
Roku and Roku Stick
Google Chromecast and Google Chromecast Ultra
Safari and Chrome web browsers
Samsung and LG Smart TVs
Nintendo Switch

You, your spouse, and your son can simultaneously stream YouTube TV on these streaming devices:
iPhone, iPad
Android smartphone, Android tablet
Apple TV
Android TV
Roku TVs, Roku smart soundbar
Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Premiere
Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cubes
Vizio SmartCast TVs
Samsung & LG smart TVs
Hisense TVs
Chrome, Safari

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